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Read the case,” General Electric: Ecomagination as a CSR Initiative,” which is located in the Document Sharing section. Use the following questions to guide
your analysis of the case (incorporate your answers in the case format rather than simply answering the questions):
(1) Do you understand the difference between responsive CSR and strategic CSR, as explained in the case? How does this apply to GE’s situation?
(2) Does GE’s Ecomagination provide economic value to the company? If so, can this value be leveraged to provide a long-term competitive advantage to the
business and to other GE businesses in their markets?<br />
(3) What external environmental issues impacted GE’s financial conditions during the 2008 to 2010 time period?
(4) Is the accusation that GE is “green washing” with their water initiative a fair one? Or could this be a serious attempt to mitigate harm from value chain
activities? Or even a transformational activity to GE’s value chain?
It is extremely important that you follow the case format for this assignment. Headings will make the paper more readable. Generally cases follow this
(1) a summary of the relevant situation in the case,
(2) Internal analysis of the firm, including current corporate and business-level strategies,
(3) external analysis,
(4) SWOT analysis culminating in identification of a problem (which may be in fact an opportunity),
(5) proposal of 2 or more alternative courses of action that will help solve the problem or exploit the opportunity,
(6) evaluation of all alternatives,
(7) recommendation of best alternative and
(8) implementation issues that need to be considered.

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