Stirring Things Up Case Study Assignment

Stirring Things Up Case Study
Stirring Things Up Case Study

Stirring Things Up Case Study

Case Study: “Stirring Things Up” [Chapter 15, Case Application 3, p. 474]

Read the assigned case analysis.
Discuss how operations, production, and technology affect the way goods and services are produced at Starbucks.
Go to the Company’s website at , locate the “For Business” section, and access the “Suppliers” link. Evaluate how the requirements and standards to become a Starbucks’ supplier align with the concept of value chain.
Describe the role of monitoring and control in cases like those described in the case study.
Recommend changes to the organizational design.
Research in the electronic library a minimum of two additional references from journals, and use them in your case study analysis.
Include a cover and reference pages in APA format, and also number your answers such that readers will know where to find what type of information.

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