Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management Order Instructions: Locate two peer-reviewed journal articles in the online library that address a current trend in human resource management practice that interests you.

Strategic Human Resource Management
Strategic Human Resource Management

Focus on the categories of practice identified in Armstrong’s (2003) chapter on strategic HRM that that is in the attachment file below: resourcing, development and rewards (p.118). Examples might include trends in talent management, ‘total rewards,’ outsourcing, the use of social media, the mobile-friendly workplace and so forth.

•Briefly summarise each article, citing one or two key ideas from each.

•Provide a properly formatted references list that includes your two articles.

The following conditions must meet in the paper

1) I want a typical and a quality answer which should have about 830 words.

2) The answer must raise appropriate critical questions.

3) The answer must include examples from experience or the web with references from relevant examples from real companies.

4) Do include all your references, as per the Harvard Referencing System,

5) Please don’t use Wikipedia web site.

6) I need examples from peer reviewed articles or researches.

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Strategic Human Resource Management Sample Answer

Strategic Human Resource Management


From the model journal articles provided, it is evident that the success of human resource management within an organization does not come on a silver platter; several factors are at play. These factors may include the technology, the physical resources quality, and the people along with its skills. A firm’s HRM constitute the practices, policies and the systems, which influence the attitude, manners, and the performance of the workers. Based on the articles, this essay is going to discuss on various aspects of HRM and provide a modest exploration of the organizations mainly in the recruitment areas, development and training and above all the diversity management. It will analyze the strategy of the HRM, a viewpoint of global of human resource and the strategic functional views.

Strategic Human Resource Management in Staffing and Recruitment

In a HR firm context, recruitment among the essential HRM aspects. It is significant because it has the strategy of recruiting hence being a smart sense of how they entice the professional who are talented. In human resource, one can use numerous altered approaches in the stage of recruiting.  A firm is in a position to hire external and internal candidates, temporary stuffing, or intern workers. The process of recruiting is crucial to the success of the companies and the approaches of recruiting should be associated with the ultimate goals and objectives of the company (Koys, 2013, p. 15).  The recruiting strategy contains three main sources, which are to hire external candidate, internal candidates, and the candidates who alternate stuffing. Every opinion comes up at least with its benefits. The candidates employed by the company and are well identified are those referred to as the internal candidates. They show its capability as good workers and its readiness to get promotion in the company. This environment therefore develops a competitive environment to all workers for the individual and company benefit.

Strategic Human Resource Management for Training and Talent Management

The organization demands the training of the new workers so that they can ensure that they can take over the work from the older members as soon as they leave the organization. The program of training comprise of both the informal strategy and formal like e-learning. Alternatively, the candidates who are externally employed can provide a large pool of talents that can gives a firm an option to select the future workers. The alternative staffing which refers to hiring the workers partly rather than the full time may act as a suitable strategy of recruiting. The firm views this as the best strategy of employment to the needed worker occasionally (Caldwell, 2004, p. 208). By the use of this strategy, the company saves most of its time and money because the workers are cheaply paid since they are unqualified.  Another recruiting strategy aspect, which is significant, is to attract the capable workers by the internet. The employers use this as the major method to attract the capable worker by utilizing the online jobs boards. The firm views this job boards as its best choice because they reach many workers by posting the job openings freely. Furthermore, the company links most of the jobs it posts online directly to its web site. This way of recruiting the worker is great to the companies in increment of site traffic and public awareness (Mees & Bonham, 2004, p. 12).

Strategic Human Resource Management in Compensation and Benefits

The benefit and compensation, deals with different forms of indirect managers. Compensation, which people refer to as benefit, the managers uses it to identify, attract, and retain the employees in the firm. This contains the designation and the administration of compensations like the insurance, the income of retirement or the pension, pay leaves, and different services of the workers along with different compensation that the federal state and the laws authorize in line with this, compensation deals with numerous forms secondary compensations (Caldwell, 2001, p. 48). This is the payment of the well performing workers in the firm. The managers utilize this amazing strategy to identify, to attract, and to retain the workers in order to improve the firm’s growth rate. This comprises of the system of designation and administration of the compensation. Comprising of the overtime, base pay and the differential and inducement pay.

Strategic Human Resource Management Employment and Labour Law Regulations

Any firm is bound to miss the fundamental employment and labour laws and regulations. It should view the training and development as investment that benefits it and adds value to it by increasing the skill and the motivation of its worker. The advanced technology transforms the role of the employers and the workers and the way they perform the work. In the system of the work, there is a high demand of increasing the skills of solving the problems and personal skills. These interpersonal skills are better rather than the physical power. Through the law, the program of development of the employees should “build the firm’s agility over the long run” its system tries to ensure that the organization performs the changes efficiently (Koys, 2013, p. 16). The emphasis seems to be revitalizing the organization subsequently the dismantle seventy years of its existence in a legalized manner. Its strategy comprises of the program of development and training the workers in addition to the management hence the necessary skills for the organization in the new direction should be observed.

Strategic Human Resource Management Reference List

Koys, D. (2013).Using the Department of Labor’s O*NET Database in Teaching HRM -. Journal     of Human Resources Education, 7(3/4), 1-21.

Caldwell, R (2001) Champions, adapters, consultants and synergists: the new change

agents in HRM, Human Resource Management Journal, 11(3), pp 39–52.

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perceptions of progress in implementing HRM, Industrial Relations Journal,

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Mees, A. and Bonham, J. (2004). Corporate Social Responsibility Belongs with HR. Canadian        HR Reporter, pp. 11 – 13, April 5, 2004.

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