Strategic Management Essay Assignment

Strategic Management
Strategic Management

WEEK 3: Strategic Management

Theme #1: Strategic Compulsions, Options and Factors that Activate Strategic Options

Businesses enter the international marketplace in search of sustainability that acts to force the business to search for new and larger market opportunities.  Larger markets can mean a new and different customer base.  Thus, it is necessary to develop new strategies to win customers.

Effective strategic management for a business requires strategic estimation, planning, application review and control.  Strategic management is triggered by compulsions like modern developments in societal and economic theory and recent changes in business forms.  Strategic compulsions force a company to become international if they want to gain the global market and greater value.

This theme will examine the areas of strategic compulsions driving businesses to go global. For instance, e-commerce and Internet activities, hyperactive competition, diversification, active pressure groups, and a motive for corporate social responsibility.

Read or View:

  • International Business Management (Part 3 section 12 pages 29-33)
  • 10 Reasons to Go International
  • 6 Steps to Help You Decide to Go Global
  • Strategy Constraints and Compulsions
  • Internet Data Flow and Trade
  • Impact the Internet on Business
  • Why are Canadian Companies Afraid to Go Global

Theme #2: A hit list of areas to include in Strategically Managing organizational behavior and operations.

Rather than delve into areas of organizational behavior or operations management in detail, you will need to approach this subject by identifying some of the challenges that can face management in setting up a strategic approach to an international business.

Read or View:

  • International Business Management (Part 3 sections 15-17 pages 40-54; Part 4 sections 18- 22 pages 55-74)
  • Best Structure for a Multinational Company
  • Standardization versus Differentiation
  • Multinational Corporation Strive to Compete
  • How to Find Funding for an Overseas Business Venture
  • 5 Things You Can Do to Reduce Risk in International Business

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