Strategy Proposal on Job Discrimination

Strategy Proposal on Job Discrimination 1. Needs. What is the issue you have chosen? Why is your group passionate about this issue, and how specifically does it impacts the lives of real people?

Strategy Proposal on Job Discrimination
Strategy Proposal on Job Discrimination

What are the obstacles that have kept positive change from happening so far? How does our reading so far – and your own research – help us understand how the issue works? Most importantly, you and your peers have talked to real people: directly cite observations from interviews and surveys (bonus for qualitative and quantitative) to support your points.*

  1. Strengths. Describe in detail a community you are hoping to serve, using quotes from a Needs & Strengths Assessment to create a rich description. How can the identity and experience of this community be a strength? What other resources and insights can they bring to bear on this issue? What do readings and research tell us about how this issue should be addressed? Name at least two institutions working on this issue or a similar one. What is their approach, and what flaws or gaps do you see?
  2. Intervention model. What strategies do you propose to address this issue, and why did you choose them? Limit this to 1-2 strategies – this should be a deep exploration rather than a list. How specifically does each strategy work, and how do they work together? How do they use knowledge from our course readings to increase their impact? What are other models, and why are yours more efficient and impactful? What resources will you need and how will you get them?
  3. Impacts. What vision is your strategy building toward – i.e., if all goes well, how will inequality look different 50-100 years from now? What are short term benchmarks that you would need to accomplish in the next year to put this in place? What are measurable changes in the medium-term (5 years) that will tell you if it’s working or not? Name 2-3 challenges you think will stand in the way of your vision: how will you learn from these challenges and use them to make your model better?

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