My professor wants you to read a research article on vulnerable populations. I will provide the article I want you to use as an attachment. She wants you to read the article and answer these questions below.

1. Bibliographic citation entry for the source (follow MLA, APA, ASA or other formatting)

2. Summary:

a. The topic that I decided to do my journal critique is called . The author is examining in order to find ______________ to better understand __________________. It is related to (vulnerable population) and the services they need/receive including ____________________.

b. Write a brief synopsis of the article – this should remind you of what the article covers. What are the major questions being asked? What is the author trying to find out? Why does the author argue that the topic or research is important?

c. What type of article is this- where did you find it/what type of journal is it in? What is the disciplinary framework of the researcher? Who is the main audience for the publication?

d. What’s the main question being asked?

e. How does the researcher try to answer the question? By which method or methods is data/information collected and analyzed?

f. What is the answer offered? What evidence is used to justify this answer?

g. How does this source relate to other sources addressing the same population or issues? How does the author place their work in context of other research or theories? Does it make a case in comparison to other approaches to the population or services?

3. Analysis:

a. What is your initial reaction to the article?

b. What are the main strengths to the article?

c. What are some of the weaknesses?

d. What are the limitations to the research or theory?

e. What do you think the author effectively explained?

f. What were some gaps (things that were not but should have been addressed)?

g. What did this add to your understanding of the population? What did it help you understand or consider?

h. What questions or concerns did you have with the approach?

4. Implications:

a. What might this article contribute to the way this vulnerable population is understood?

b. What could or does it contribute to services for that population?

c. What policy implications could it have? What does it mean for laws or the way the we understand this population? How do you think is important for society (those who may not have read the article) to know?

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