Study of clinical psychology Video Analysis

Study of clinical psychology
Study of clinical psychology

Study of clinical psychology

Respond positively, specifically and substantially with a minimum of 200 words. No paraphrasing. Demonstrate effectively developed paragraphs Show evidence of active engagement in the discussion (e.g., asking questions, answering questions posed by peers, and making further connections to course readings) Advance the discussion Demonstrate active engagement in the discussion and familiarity with the unit concepts Go beyond agreement or praise.

Two features of the videos that would be considered pertinent to the study of clinical psychology include: researching the effect of sleep cycles on adolescents’ level of behaviors; researching correlations between the level of participation in motor movement activities and the level of organized thinking abilities. During the videos, sleep was discussed as a fundamental marker for competence and performance levels with adolescents. There was also discussion about the role of the cerebellum and organized thinking where previously only motor movement was associated with this part of the brain.

Why did you choose those aspects of the videos?

These two features were chosen because they are seemingly related to the field I am pursuing, applied behavior analysis, ABA, and research in communication acquisition. There has been research on correlation between motor movement and future skill acquisition. I would have to look up past classes references to find it for our discussion, however am choosing not to at this time for time management. As a current RBT, I have witnessed adolescent clients struggle more seemingly when obviously sleep deprived. I would like to do more research about this topic, however I am wondering if there are studies with just this population. IPurdue Global University library’s data bases have articles about the topic of motor movement and relation to learning.

Can you relate either your current career or your future career plans to those aspects of the videos? Please explain.

The second question pretty much sums up response to this question. While pursuing a future career in and participating in the field of behavior analysis, I am planning on investigating more into these two features of the videos, sleep cycles and the cerebellum. I say this because what little I have tapped into thus far leads me to believe there is reason to dig deeper into research about the topics. By digging deeper, it is the hope to gain better understanding of human behaviors and why they may be happening with a client to point me as a practitioner to more effective treatments for behavior changes when desired.

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