Summary and Critique of Edward Said Video

Summary and Critique of Edward Said Video two sections: Summary and Critique. You can do this by using headings or simply by making sure that you start your analysis in a separate paragraph.
Part 1: The Summary.

Summary and Critique of Edward Said Video
Summary and Critique of Edward Said Video

[This should be approx. ¼ of the assignment]
In the summary section of this assignment, start by identifying the author, source and main idea in the first sentence. Then discuss the key ideas of the
article, paying attention to the general structure and being sure not to get lost in details. But do include enough detail to make your summary useful to
your reader. Be sure to include the conclusions reached in the article. Finally (either at end of the summary or beginning of the critique) provide your own
thesis for the critique section of this assignment
Part 2: The Critique. [This is the key part of the assignment and should be approx. ¾ of the assignment]
Use your thesis to help guide your analysis and evaluation of the article. While you can use
“I agree” or “I disagree” as a starting point, be sure to include evidence and analysis to support this position. Otherwise, you are only stating your
opinion. In a critique, you are evaluating areas like the credibility of the author, the accuracy of the information, the logic of the argument.
1. Introduce the subject of your critique – the reading under analysis.
2. Review the background facts or issues that must be understood before the point of
the reading can be appreciated: significance, design, appeal, and so on.
3. Review the assumptions in the reading that must be understood before you take a
4. Make your position statement clear: what is your evaluation? On what basis are
you making it, given what you have stated in #2 and #3?
5. Review the author’s ideas in light of the position you identified and elaborate on
each point that relates to your central position.
6. State your conclusions, reminding the reader of the points you have made and
your reasons for making them.
The critique is based on a 10-minute long video on youtube link:
Edward Said on Orientalism. Youtube channel: assaultivebear

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