Summary of Articles

There is 3 articles and you have to write one summary about them and this is what the instructor wants
For home assignment, I attached two articles. You also have the article “Using Technology to Explore the Geometry of Navajo
Waving” that you already read (but not doing its instructions). So you have three articles to read. Now the summaries will be
different. You need to read the articles carefully and then perform suggested problems on the Geometry Sketchpad. Then you
need to include some of your own GSP constructions. Those designs that I and Mary Kay have created are there so you should not
include those that we have already created. You should do your own. Your designs could be with minor differences than ours
such as different colors and so on but should be designs that you create on GSP and transfer to your Summaries paper. This
paper, which is a summary of three papers (one is repeating one) should show that not only you read the articles but also you
could make patterns and designs using the GSP for fractals. You should send this to me by March 24 (At least 4 page formatted
including GSP illustrations).

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