Supply Chain Process in ERP Systems Lecturer Review

Supply Chain Process in ERP Systems Lecturer Review for the public sector in Saudi Arabia it should cover a history of SAP ERP system, I have been done preparing the business process flow charts.

Supply Chain Process in ERP Systems Lecturer Review Guidelines

Research Seminar (IS595) and Project (IS597)

In order to graduate through the non-thesis track, each graduate student must successfully complete the Research Seminar (IS595) and

Project (IS597).

Supply Chain Process in ERP Systems Lecturer Review
Supply Chain Process in ERP Systems Lecturer Review

Research seminar (IS595) provides a demonstration of graduate student’s ability to explore, develop, and organize materials relating to a specific problem or an applied orientation within the IS field.

The student must exhibit an ability to pursue research and investigation in a precise and in clear, direct, and concise manner. The research seminar project is based on a survey of current topics in a given field of study.

Supply Chain Process in ERP Systems Lecturer Review

However, Project IS597 is a continuation of IS595. It serves the purpose of providing applied skills to the student based on scientific background.

That means the graduate project should be focused on implementation, evaluation and testing and learning skills for the student. Graduate faculty plays the role of guiding the student in proposal writing, requirements collection of the research problem, in addition to analysis, design, implementation, testing, evaluation.

Several topics can be chosen to conduct student work. The graduate faculty is responsible for guiding the student in choosing the research topic based on his/her research interests, enhancing the student’s applied skill in the information systems arena.

A project should be based on some programming implementation and a computer application that provides the student with applied skills.

Some projects such as analytical studies that may result in paper publications are also allowed. Topics and projects already completed by the student in other courses must be avoided. The graduate faculty is the best judge for making such decisions before accepting for a project study.

Supply Chain Process in ERP Systems Lecturer Review The project process:

  1. Meet with assigned faculty and ask her/him to advise you on your final project.
  2. Together, decide on what your project will be.
  3. Once you have a general idea of what your project is going to be, develop a simple proposal to submit to Project Graduation Committee (No later than 3rd week)
  4. Upon submission of the project proposal, start working hard under the guidance of your supervisor.
  5. You will have to meet regularly with your supervisor in order to make progress.

The project outcomes

The outcomes of IS595 and IS597 are summarized in the following table:

IS595 IS597 1- Problem definition 2- Project scope and its impact 3- Literature review 4- Discussion and anticipated applications 5- Conclusion

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