Support Inception of Crypto Project

Support Inception of Crypto Project About the Project
We are a small global team (1 woman/3 men) of experienced entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and beyond working on an audacious project in the crypto space.

Support Inception of Crypto Project
Inception of Crypto Project

Support Inception of Crypto Project The project is currently in the conception phase and we are looking for someone to work with us part-time to support with validating or breaking the project before we move forward.
About the Role
You will work directly with the founders to support the current validation cycle of work as well as the general project vision. Support Inception of Crypto Project Initially, this will largely be research-based work to help us level up and expand on the current knowledge base that exists on certain areas within the crypto space but could expand into other areas depending on your demonstrated skill set.
About You
– You are interested in crypto: you have a foundational understanding of the cryptography space and are motivated by its potential for disruption Support Inception of Crypto Project
– You have research experience: you have worked as researcher previously and are able to get down to the lowest level of detail with well-sourced learning
– You are self-sufficient: you are able to take a question proposed by the team and make it your own or even offer suggestions for further research needed Support Inception of Crypto Project
– You are a strong communicator: you are able to take something complex and make it easy to understand (“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. – Albert Einstein”)
You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
If you are interested in applying, please send examples of previously conducted research and include a couple of sentences on why you think you would be a good fit for the role. Support Inception of Crypto Project

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