Surrealism and Salvador Dali Assignment

Surrealism and Salvador
        Surrealism and Salvador

Surrealism and Salvador

Surrealism and salvador Dali and the two painting “the persistence of time and ” burning giraffe

In your 1,000-word paper, present research on the artist you have chosen that reveals the stylistic and historical context in which they worked. Analyze the two works and identify the elements internal to the works that fit within the stylistic category under consideration—explain why and how.
In order to successfully complete this assignment, you must have a solid understanding of the movement you are examining, and you must select two works wisely. You may wish to look at two works that are quite different or two that are similar—one that fits very neatly under the movement,
and another that departs from it somewhat, for example, or two that clearly demonstrate the qualities associated with the movement, but that represent different subjects, or two works in different media, etc. and i need a thesis.

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