System Analysis Design Essay Paper

System Analysis Design Essay Paper Instructions

The primary object of a SWOT analysis is to help an organization develop a full awareness of all the elements involved in a decision process.

System Analysis Design
System Analysis Design

Scenario: You own a car dealership within a large city. You have many clients; however, you have noticed a slowing growth in car sales. You decide to conduct a SWOT analysis of your car dealership to help with your strategic planning within the changing, competitive market.

To conduct your SWOT analysis, you must write an essay that is a minimum of two pages and fulfills the following requirements.

Articulates the four elements of the SWOT analysis.

Summarizes the importance of SWOT analysis in strategic planning.

Provides at least two strengths, two weakness, two opportunities, and two threats that your car dealership faces. Since this is a hypothetical situation, you can make up your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Explains how you could utilize a Gantt chart within your strategic planning.

Utilizes APA style formatting and guidelines.

Includes at least one source from the CSU Online Library. You may search the following databases: Business Source Complete, ABI/Inform Collection, and Academic Search Complete.

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