Tang Dynasty China Essay Assignment

Tang Dynasty China
              Tang Dynasty China

Tang Dynasty China

Who wrote this source? Where? When? What genre or genres does it belong to? Who was the audience; who was likely to read it?

The purpose of this source was to suppress Buddhism in the Tang empire. The author lists many reasons for this decision, some of which are economic. Identify and explain two ways in which the author thinks that suppressing Buddhism will improve the Tang economy.

On page 586, the Nestorian religion was the version of Christianity practiced in the Sasanian Empire. The Mazdean religion was Zoroastrianism, the official religion of the Sasanian Empire. The author of this source did not explain detail why these two religions were suppressed alongside Buddhism. However, based on what you know about the movement of religious ideas through the Silk Road network during the Tang period, explain why you think these two religions might have been associated with Buddhism and suppressed at the same time as Buddhism.

Finally, ask one or two questions that would help you to understand this source better.

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