Technological Development Persuasive Essay

Technological Development Persuasive Essay Any technological development except internet and social media

Technological Development Persuasive Essay
Technological Development Persuasive Essay

Conduct research on a topic below of interest to you and write a 1200-1400 word persuasive essay in MLA style and including a Works Cited page. This means your paper should have a thesis or argument; it should not be a research ìreportî, but a position with which others could disagree. It should answer the ìso whatî? question: why is it relevant/important? This paper will serve as an assessment of tone, grammar, citation, MLA, summary, reporting expressions, and critical thought/analysis backed by sound research that is used appropriately.

Technological development has arguably enabled us to make progress, innovate, and communicate in ways that have not been possible before. Choose ONE SPECIFIC technological development and argue how it has positively or negatively impacted society, relationships, kids, etc. (Internet/Social Media are too broad to be appropriate topics). I encourage you to examine cutting edge technologies.

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