Technology and Telecommunications in International Management

Technology and Telecommunications in International Management 1. How has globalization affected different world regions? What are some of the benefits and costs of globalization for different sectors of society (companies, workers, communities)?

Technology and Telecommunications in International Management
Technology and Telecommunications in International Management
  1. How has NAFTA affected the economies of North America and the EU affected by Europe? What importance do these economic pacts have for international managers in North America, Europe, and Asia?
  2. Why are Russian and Eastern Europe of interest to international managers? Identify and describe some reasons for such interest.
  3. Why would MNCs be interested in South America, India, the Middle East, and Central Asia, Africa, and the less developed and emerging countries of the world? Would MNCs be better off focusing their efforts on more industrialized regions? Explain.
  4. In what ways do different ideologies and political systems influence the environment in which MNCs operate? Would these challenges be less for those operating in the EU than for those in Russia or China? Why, or why not?
  5. 2. How do the following legal principles impact MNC operations: the principle of sovereignty, the nationality principle, the territoriality principle, the protective principle, and the principle of comity?
  6. 3. How will advances in technology and telecommunications affect developing countries? Give some specific examples.
  7. 4. Why are developing countries interested in privatizing their state-owned industries? What opportunities does this privatization have for telecommunication MNCs?
  8. How might different ethical philosophies influence how managers make decisions when it comes to offshoring of jobs?
  9. In recent years, rules have tightened such that those who work for the U.S. government in trade negotiations are now restricted from working for lobbyists for foreign firms. Is this a good idea? Why or why not?
  10. What are some strategies for overcoming the impact of counterfeiting? Which strategies work best for discretionary (for instance, movies) versus nondiscretionary (pharmaceutical) goods?
  11. Why are MNCs getting involved in corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices? Are they displaying a sense of social responsibility, or is this merely a matter of good business, or both? Define your answer.

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