Technology Professional Growth Assignment

Technology Professional Growth
    Technology Professional Growth

Technology Professional Growth

Up to this point, you have developed several goals that you have determined to be of value to you. You have also consulted with at least one of these goals with a colleague. This week, you will narrow the field further by prioritizing these goals, and then select two to develop more fully. Because technology-related issues change so quickly, for this assignment you will select goals that could most likely be addressed within the next 12 months, and then develop a framework around which they can be accomplished. Complete the following steps in order to conclude your Assignment:

Step 1: Prioritize your goals.
Review your goals and think about which two you would like to address within the next 12 months. Although all your goals are important, you cannot tackle everything at once. Therefore, look at what you would most like to address (or begin) in the short term. You must apply personal criteria to this decision-making process, but here are some general guidelines to get you started:

  • Are any of these goals critical and urgent?
  • Do any of these goals involve opportunities available now that should be taken utilized?
  • Do any of these goals address expectations that are required of you now?
  • Are there goals that can be achieved in a shorter time and yield benefit to your students?
  • Do any of these goals address something you’ve started and need to complete?
  • Can you expect to achieve this goal in the next 12 months?
  • Do any of these goals address a standard you need to focus on?
  • Do any of these goals relate to your district technology plan?

Step 2: Select two goals for further development.
With the information above, select two goals for further development at this time.

Step 3: Consider the Technology Goals Action Plan.
Create a spreadsheet or template to record information as you continue the planning process. Begin by filling in the Focus Area and Goal parts for each. Complete the planning process and submit an action plan on your template for each goal. Include the template as part of your assignment report.

Step 4: Determine outcomes for each of the two goals you have chosen.
How will you know when you have achieved the goal? What will result from implementing this goal? What do you expect to be able to do or to have learned—or what do you expect your students to be able to do or to have learned—once you have met the goal?

Step 5: Determine resources.
Determine some of the resources you will need to meet each goal. Resources can include tangible items such as materials, supplies, and equipment, or abstract items such as information from educational research, journals, or websites. You can also draw on people such as district personnel, technology coordinators, other colleagues, parents, and even students as resources. Other potential resources include community groups, government agencies, grant-funding sources, or professional organizations.

Step 6: Develop action steps.
For each goal, create a step-by-step listing of what you will need to do to achieve that goal. The action steps should represent key benchmarks in the process, not minutiae. Remember, however, that this document is for your use and as such should include those steps that will best guide you to achieve the goal. If, for example, you need to learn to use PowerPoint more skillfully in order to achieve your goal, then factor that into your steps. One person’s steps for meeting a goal are likely to be very different from those of another person.

Step 7: If appropriate, begin to develop a timeline.
Apply benchmark dates to each action step. Although it may not be practical for you to attach specific dates at this time, giving yourself a general timeline may help you stay organized and on task. If you are able to set dates, do so.

Step 8: Begin listing collaborative needs for the action steps.
Add space to your template to address collaborative needs of each action step. As you determine a step, consider who you might need to help you complete it. (For example, if an action step is “Network all classroom computers,” you will probably need to enlist the aid of a technology specialist.) Notes such as these will give you a heads-up when you put your plan into action.

Step 9: Determine evaluation criteria.
Decide how you will assess your progress and evaluate whether you have satisfactorily met your goal.

Step 10: Create an Action Plan.

ESSAY Starts Here!!!!

Prepare a report that describes the process you experienced to prioritize your goals. Address the following in your report:

1. Identify the criteria that you applied that resulted in the two final goal choices.
Outline an action plan for each technology goal you selected.
2. Explain when you will evaluate your progress in meeting the goals of your plan. How will you determine if you are on track, or if your plan needs to be revised or updated?
Length: 5 pages
References: Minimum of three scholarly resources

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