Teen Pregnancy Discussion Assignment

Teen Pregnancy Discussion Assignment Response to Mayzie Smith Research has shown that in the last few years teen pregnancy has been decreasing (Morin, 2018). It has not yet been determined why teen pregnancy has decreased, but there are still risks factors that put certain individuals at an increased risk.

Teen Pregnancy Discussion Assignment
Teen Pregnancy Discussion Assignment

Some individual risk factors are alcohol/drug use, sexual activity at a young age, low self-esteem, lack of knowledge about contraception, and being a victim of sexual abuse. There can also be peer pressure about having sex, or pressure when dating an older person (Morin, 2018). The adolescent pregnancy rate has slowly gone down, but from ages 18-19 it has increased by a few digits. I think some of the decrease is due to the increase in education in school systems; schools are providing more information about contraception, and different contraception options are being offered for free. There are various resources available to pregnant adolescents, one of the resources is called hope squared, and it offers shelter, life skills training, counseling and mentoring services. Another resource is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC provides a variety of resources on their websites that concerns parents and pregnant adolescents. The websites helps prevent pregnancy, as well as providing resources for gestation.

Teen Pregnancy Discussion Assignment References

Morin, A. (2018, October 23). The Biggest Risk Factors That Contribute to Teen Pregnancy. Retrieved from https://www.verywellfamily.com/teen-pregnancy-risk…

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