Teenager at risk Case Study Paper Available

Teenager at risk
                               Teenager at risk

Teenager at risk

Case Study Assignment
CS 3
Anayah Saleem
Anayah is 14 years old. She is Black British, born to Caribbean parents, Yusef and Shenaz. Yusef (father) and Shenaz (mother) converted from Jehovah’s Witnesses to Islam when Anayah was 11 years old. They have one other child, their son Karim who is 9 years old.
Until recently Anayah was a very outgoing and sociable girl who was excelling in her studies at school. In the last three months her teachers have noticed that she has become defiant and will not comply with what is asked of her. She has also had periods of non-attendance and they have noticed that her absence is always on a Thursday. As a result, her grades have fallen.
Her parents contacted the school as they were becoming concerned about her behaviour at home and wondered if she was mixing with what they called “bad company”. They were not aware that she had not been attending school on Thursdays. Anayah is refusing to dress modestly or to wear her hijab and spends much of her time on her laptop or phone. In a recent incident, Shenaz took Anayah’s phone from her which resulted in a big argument and when she swore at her mother, Yusef slapped Anayah across her face. Anayah went missing last Friday. The police located her at a known flat that is used to buy and sell drugs and returned her home the next day. Anayah admitted to being in love with a 30 year old man, Ben and said that she wanted to be with him as he loved her but she refused to give any details about him. She shared with her family support worker that she has been sexually active with Ben and wants to have a baby for him.

Professionals who might be involved

Police Social Worker
Teacher Family Support Worker
Sexual Health worker

My chosen profession Teacher.
Please read above case from them write as a profession Teacher, 375 words short essay.

Short essay: role as a teacher, care plan, Why you do this care plan, using legislation and theories. I attached theories in additional files. Which should include theories and laws for how you plan to help safeguard this teenager who seems to be going missing. Also Google job if family liason officer. It could be that part of your plan is to speak with the liason officer to see how the school can support you as a teacher as well as the teenager (student).

Using this case study, as a group you will decide what the best range of professionals to work together to put a care plan in place will be. Each group member will take on the role of one professional. Individually research the roles and the associated, frameworks, guidelines, legislation, policies and procedures that your allocated professional should work with.
As a group work together to discuss the case study and what  care package you would put together for the service user  making consideration of the service users needs and  identifying the intended outcomes.

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