The case of The Demise of Toys R Us

The case of The Demise of Toys R Us
The case of The Demise of Toys R Us

The case of The Demise of Toys R Us

Write a paper per current APA and 2400 words in length.CASE ANALYSIS OUTLINE
Situational Analysis
External Environmental Analysis (Outside of the organization)
Economic, Social, Political, Technological, Natural

Internal Environmental Analysis (Specific to the organization)
Market Analysis- Description of the market, Primary customers
Evaluation of Marketing Strategies
Product, Price, Distribution, Promotion

Evaluation of the other Functional Areas-
Finance, Production, Human Resources, Technology

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

State the Main Problems facing the business/organization

Development of Strategic Alternatives (2)
Evaluation of Strategic Alternatives (2)
Recommendation of the better Alternative
Implementation Techniques for Recommended Alternative (How, when,
where, why).
Control Procedures to keep Recommended Alternative on course.

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