The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago Assignment

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago
The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

Wk 6: Discuss 2

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Discussion Prompt: The Dinner Party

Judy Chicago created The Dinner Party (figure 20-13, p. 460) with help from a team of hundreds.

  1. What is its significance in the history of art?
  2. Evaluate the use of the triangle as symbolism and the number 13 on each side of the triangle.
  3. Why did Chicago include the women she did?
  4. Create the 40th place setting. Who would you invite and why?

Assignment Instructions

Please scroll down to the input box to type your response to the discussion prompt. After keying in your response, click the SAVE button. Once you’ve posted your initial response to the question, you can join your fellow learners in the discussion forum by clicking the “Discussion” tab on the top of the “Course Outline” page.

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