The documentary The Fog of War

The documentary The Fog of War (Morris, 2003). How did it impact (or conform with) your understanding of what terrorism means? Do some of the military operations described by Robert McNamara the former Secretary of Defense qualify as acts of terrorism?

The documentary The Fog of War
The documentary The Fog of War

Start your paper with a strong thesis statement. The paper should be no more than 250 words with at least four references from the documentary. (Morris, 2003, minute/second) in first reference and thereafter (Morris, minute/second). What I wanted to focus on is the amount of force/weapons the United States uses when they declare war and how the disproportionate use of force against others, for example, the gases they use and bombs and nukes against others who don’t have the same weapon strength. But if that doesn’t work out you can talk about something these.

Please watch “The Fog Of War,” Morris, E., 2003

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