The Life of the Catacombs Art and the Early Christians

The Life of the Catacombs Art and the Early Christians 1. Your research paper should be approximately 1000-1200 words, not including bibliography or works cited.

The Life of the Catacombs Art and the Early Christians
The Life of the Catacombs Art and the Early Christians

2. The essay should use at least five (5) legitimate source in addition to your course manual or your textbook. You are to demonstrate that you actually researched the topic. If you use only the internet this will affect your grade. 3. You CAN use scholarly articles written and available online. 4. You CAN include interviews with gallery directors and artists where appropriate 5. You can NOT use general encyclopedias online or text such as Wikipedia, Britannica, Encarta, etc or online art dictionaries. 6. Include no more than three (3) low resolution, compressed images in your paper. These two images should be the most significant objects and/or buildings related to your chosen topic. 7. You must use a standard letter size page in portrait view (21.59cm x 27.94/ 8” x 11”) 8. You must use either 1.5 or double spacing.9. You must use Times New Roman font size 12 font. 10. You must use 3cm margins on all edges. 11. You may indicate a paragraph change by either a line space or by indenting, BUT you must be consistent. 12.

Your paper is to be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

You may use either English or American spelling, again you must be consistent. 13. Cite dates as follows: 1832-1836; 15

July 1836; the fifteenth-century; c. 1500; fifteenth-century houses. 14. Place quotations within double inverted commas; quotations within quotations in single inverted commas.

Quotations more than 6 lines long should start on the next line and use a single-spaced block quote format. 15.

Italicize the titles of books, journals, works of art, buildings, and these? do not underline them. 16. You may use any standard referencing style (APA, MLA, etc) for citing the information sources such as books, articles, or theses.

Choose one referencing style and use it consistently.

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