The Making of a Quagmire

“The Making of a Quagmire (TMOQ)” by David Halberstam
Write a short answer for each of the following three questions. Include one Works Cited at the end of your response.
1. What was an important lesson that you learned from reading TMOQ? Be specific and include names and page numbers in your answer where appropriate.
2. Evaluate the actions of one of the following. This requires a value judgment on your part and you must cite evidence from the text in a simple
parenthetical note with the page number: Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge or
GEN Paul D. Harkins or Ngo Dinh Diem or LTC John Paul Vann or Madame Nhu or the Buddhists taken as a group (as opposed to an individual Buddhist leader).
3. Who was right and why? The press or the US (or VN) government? Why? Be specific in your commentary, though I suggest you limit it to a particular action
or a particular member of the press. Or Halberstam? The best responses here will only address a limited aspect of the question.
Note: Minimum word length is 750 words.

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