The New Man in Disney Media Studies

The New Man in Disney Media Studies Ken Gillam and Shannon R. Wooden, Post-Princess Models of Gender: The New Man in Disney/Pixar, p. 542

The New Man in Disney Media Studies
The New Man in Disney Media Studies

First, summarize the author’s overall argument. Use the Inverted Triangle template for Introduction.

The New Man in Disney Media Studies

Body paragraphs: refer to the thesis and write a rhetorical analysis of the author’s argument. (Remember: a rhetorical analysis focuses on how well the writer uses evidence to support the thesis -claims, not necessarily whether or not you agree with them.) What evidence does the writer offer that you find questionable and/or that falls victim to fallacies? How persuasive is the evidence? Explain why/why not you have been persuaded by the author’s arguments and evidence for those arguments. Are the arguments biased, or are they fair and balanced? Be sure to specify and label the fallacies. Be sure to refer and label to the kinds of evidence (emotional appeals, ethical appeals, logical appeals, such as facts, statistics, historical references, etc., and kinds of fallacies), in addition to vocabulary from your readings, lecture, and videos in your analysis.

The New Man in Disney Media Studies

In conclusion, discuss to what extent you have been convinced by this particular argument and/or where you stand on the issues being discussed in the reading. Based on the analysis, to what extent is the writer’s overall argument justified? What questions remain unanswered in your mind? What questions would you like to research?

The New Man in Disney Media Studies

IMPORTANT: I do not want you to populate your essay with a lot of quotations (maximum of 4 quotations). The quotations have to be relevant and you must explain the quotes. I want to see more of your writing.

You need to use the information from your Analyzing Evidence chart for this essay. (Don’t just cut and paste – actually revise your written work so that it meets the terms of this assignment.) Do not forget to Label the Summary, Transition Sentence (from the summary to the thesis statement), the Thesis Statement, Pathos, Logos, Ethos, and the fallacies.

MLA format: Rules for Writers: Pages 431-525

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