The Nursing Career Essay Paper Assignment

The Nursing Career
The Nursing Career

The Nursing Career

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500 word Essay addressing:
o  What skills and qualities do you bring to the Nurse Practitioner role?
o  What are the most important things you need to learn to be a successful Nurse Practitioner?
o  How does the Lewis University mission integrate with your personal and professional identity?

I am attaching my resume as well to connect it to my skills.
Thank you

308 E 11th Ave
Naperville, IL 60563


Coney Island Hospital Brooklyn, NY
Case Management Department March 2013-June2015
Care Manager
Provided care coordination services to a select group of patients during transition from acute care to the next level of care and community. As an Inpatient Care Manager, I was involved in patient’s one on one education on disease process and flare up symptoms prevention measures, follow up appointment scheduling and transitional telephonic follow up according to the components of the Re-Engineered Discharge (Project RED).
Educated the patient/family about her or his diagnosis and disease management, how to prevent the flare up symptoms of chronic diseases throughout of hospital stay, provided the patient and family with the educational booklets and materials, assessed patient’s or family degree of understanding with Teach Back method, organized post discharge services, coordinated and planned patient’s appointments with physicians, follow up tests and studies, instructed on discharge medications and provided telephonic reinforcement of the discharge plan. Utilized my advanced clinical skills to facilitate the provision of care including the assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation of patient care. Promoted and evaluated the effective utilization of resources using my clinical knowledge, awareness of community services to achieve optimal clinical and resource outcome.

Compassionate Care Hospice Brooklyn, NY
Nurse Liaison Intake Dept June 2011-October 2013
The Hospice Nurse Liaison act as an advocate for area hospice programs and providing education for healthcare professionals. Serves as a liaison between referral sources, patients and families, advocate for hospice patients to ensure receipt of entitled benefits. Work with physicians, social workers, and other medical professionals to educate about Hospice Medicare benefit program and hospice philosophy and criteria of hospice admission. Assess each referral to determine the appropriateness for hospice admission, based on individual hospice criteria. Inform patients and their families about the hospice philosophy, goals and services to meet patient’s needs. For patients deemed appropriate for hospice, conduct a full assessment and admission to hospice services. Encourage timely consideration by physicians for hospice referrals as an alternative mode of care, assisting in identification of appropriate patients for the purpose of improved palliation of symptoms and supportive care for terminally ill patients. Perform other duties as per request.

St.Mary’s Healthcare Lombardi New Hyde Park, NY
Care Coordinator June 2010-March2011
Responsible for arranging and coordinating the continuity of care for pediatric and adult patients referred for Home Care, maintaining clinical records in accordance with New York State and Federal regulations, and Home Care policy and procedures, providing Home Care nursing service in accordance with the plan of treatment signed by the physician, making the initial evaluation visit to the patient and coordinating the total plan of care, evaluating, and regularly re-evaluating the nursing needs of the patient, teaching and counseling the patient and family regarding nursing procedures, evaluating the Home Health Aides on a continuous basis, creating and reviewing 485 Forms and f/u with physicians, families and all other disciplines, planning the budget with Medicaid HRA representative.

Caring Hospice Services Brooklyn, NY
Case Manager/ Intake Nurse February 2010-June 2011
Provided direct nursing care with special emphasis on control of pain and other symptoms to the Hospice patients. Implemented plan of care based on nursing process. Performed ongoing assessment of patient’s condition, physical care needs and needs of family for support in giving care. Train, supervise and support the family in provision of care to the patient.Referred patient and family to other appropriate Hospice discipline and other community resources as appropriate. Participated in team meeting to enhance team communication, coordination and quality of services. Provided palliative care and wound care to Hospice patients.

North Vista Hospital April 2009- Sept.2009
Medical-Surgical Unit Las Vegas
Working in Medical Surgical Unit, focusing on direct care for medical surgical patients. Provide acute care, including pain control, blood transfusions, wound care. Provide assessment and planning for individualized patient care. Educate patients on effect of surgery and rehab methods, provide discharge planning and teaching. Monitor patient conditions, updating physicians and family as needed. Respond quickly and accurately to changes in condition or response to treatment. Accurate documentation and charting medical records, reporting to the next shift with all necessary information.

Visiting Nurse Service of NY Brooklyn, NY
VNS Choice MLTC March 2007-Oct 2008
Nurse Consultant/Case Manager
Provided care management through a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, and advocacy to geriatric patients. Maintained members in an independent living situation. Ensure consistent care along entire health care continuum by assessing and closely monitoring member’s needs and status. Provided nursing services and authorized/coordinated services within a captivated managed care system. Collaborated with primary care practitioners, interdisciplinary team and family members to develop a patient specific plan of care. Reviewed patients records for state requirements. Provided palliative care and wound care to oncology patients.

New York Community Hospital Sept 2006- Jan 2007
Medical-Surgical Nurse
Duties include:
Care of cardiac and telemetry patients, diabetic and dialysis patients, cancer patients, patients with PEG and NG tubes, preoperative and postoperative patients and other patients with all kind of precautions. Administration of patient medications including cardiac drugs and insulin, patient treatments, IV insertion and therapy, Foley catheter insertion, performing of EKGs, telemetry interpretation and monitoring telemetry patients, wound care. Patient and family teaching of pre-op and post-op for any kind of surgery, providing discharge patient planning, teaching and instructions. Proper documentation and charting in medical records, reporting to the next shift with all necessary information.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Illinois, 2015
Master of Computer Science, Pace University, New York, 2002
Associate degree in Nursing, Tashkent Nursing School, Russia, 1997
Bachelor of Science in Linguistic, University of World Languages, Russia, 1995

New York State License of Professional Registered Nurse No 575878
Nevada State Board of Nursing License No RN 61716
IV Certification Course, 2006
BCLS Certification 2009
NYS Mandated Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting, 2003
Infection Control and Barrier Precautions , 2015
PRI Certificate , 2014

SKILLS: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and other programs. Fluent in English and Russian.

REFERENCES: Available upon request.


The Nursing Career

My experience and skills will be valuable for me to take the Nurse Practitioner position. I understand that my skills and experience such as coordination of nursing services; provision of education/ information to the patient/ family concerning their diagnosis or conditions; symptom prevention/ management and following up on patient progress will be helpful to the new role. I have also managed chronic diseases and their associated symptoms. I am capable of planning, organizing and coordination of patient appointment services. I can work in the assessment, planning, intervention and the evaluation of the patient care services.

The other personal and professional qualities that I can offer are as follows. I can actually optimize the use of available resource designed for maximum patient gain or benefit. I don’t comprise on the wastage of resources, they are limited and hence should be used wisely and optimally. Earlier, I had worked as an advocacy officer to oversee that patients’ rights were being obeyed and their benefits offered in its entirety.

I am competent in organizing, planning and provision of continuity of care services in accordance to existing laws and guidelines. My scope of experience is not only limited to inpatient care, but I can also handle outpatients and home care services to a satisfactory degree of success. Hospice patients normally require specialized services. I have worked with them, largely by managing their pain, educating their caregivers, offering palliative services and wound management services.

I have also interacted and provided service and care to surgical patients. This involved the provision of urgent services such as blood transfusion, pain management, wound management and changing treatment intervention plans when deemed necessary. In this time was responsible for charting medical records, providing patient updates to their family members and the physicians in charge.

Nurse Practitioners are expected to offer safe, quality and effective healthcare services. These are the three basic skills I have to master effectively. I am expected to achieve patients’ satisfaction and positive feedback outcomes after the provision of healthcare services.  This will be a hard endeavor to attain as patient satisfaction due to the fact that its success depends on a lot of factors.  But I have to do my best to the best of my knowledge, skills, experience and in accordance to the existing professional codes of conduct.  I have to be assessing myself always based on the outcomes, safety, quality, and on the effectiveness of care. Training needs and recommendations will be based on the same (Stanik-Hutt, Newhouse, White, Johantgen, Bass, Zangaro, Wilson, Fountain, Steinwachs, Heindel & Weiner, 2013).

The Lewis University (2015) provides an environment for a busy and complex nursing environment. It also provides for a training based on the current nursing challenges in accordance to current knowledge and evidence based studies. The training will also focus on the safety of healthcare service and current approved therapeutic intervention measures. The training in the university will also boost my career based o the quality of services I will offer; performance based on viable evidence; and to systematically address clinical patient issues (Lewis University, 2015),


Stanik-Hutt, J. Newhouse, R. P., White, K. M., Johantgen, M., Bass, E. B., Zangaro, G., Wilson, R., Fountain, L., Steinwachs, D. M., Heindel, L., & Weiner, J. P. (2013). The Quality Effectiveness of Care Provided by Nurse Practitioners. Journal of Nurse Practitioners, 9(8), 492 – 500.e13.

Lewis University. (2015). 2014 – 2015 Lewis University Graduate Catalog Addendum. Retrieved on Oct. 05, 2015 from,

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