The Relationship between Slaves and White People

The relationship between Slaves and White People “Beloved” by Toni Morrison
pick one of the topics below
2) Discuss the relationship between slaves and white people as described in the novel from different points of view.

The Relationship between Slaves and White People
The Relationship between Slaves and White People

For this essay, you will describe and
analyze the different relationships between the characters, both positive and negative. Is there ambivalence in the way these relationships are portrayed?
What makes each character’s perspective different? What experiences have shaped these perspectives?

Analyzing and Discussion on The Relationship between Slaves and White People

3) Discuss and analyze the progression of Sethe’s realization of who Beloved is. Support your discussion with evidence from the text that shows the process.
What details is the reader given to make this realization? Does the reader know before Sethe does? How does Denver know?
4) Discuss the structure of the novel and how it serves the story. Why might Morrison have chosen to tell the story from multiple perspectives and in a non-linear way?
5) Discuss the role of memory in this novel. Look at the different ways Morrison uses the term- re-memory, etc., as well as the importance of memory and the need to hold on or let go of the memory.
6) Examine Sethe’s struggles and journey to freedom, both mentally and physically through the lens of Frankl’s theories. What is her meaning? How did it change? What gave her the strength to push through her difficulties in every step of her life?
7) Discuss whether or not Sethe was right to kill her child. Look closely at her motives, her background, her fear and her experience as a slave. Make sure
to discuss her reasoning and justification for her actions.
8) The betrayal of the community: Discuss the feast and the implications it had on Sethe and her tragedy. Examine the reasons behind the community’s

The Relationship between Slaves and White People and the Theme of Freedom in the Novel

9) Discuss the theme of freedom in Beloved. There are many passages that directly and indirectly address this theme. For this essay, you are to give both a broad and specific account of this idea as portrayed by the characters and the narrator. Make connections to Frankl’s discussion of freedom on page 66: “…the last of human freedoms-to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s way.” How does this tie in with the theme of freedom in Beloved?
10) Discuss the complex relationship between Sethe and Paul D. Trace it from its roots at Sweet Home to the way it transforms since he arrives at her house
until the end of the novel. Make sure to go into depth when examining the way they each feel about each other at different stages and what they each mean to
each other on all levels. How would you define their relationship in each stage and specifically at the end of the novel?

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