The Risk and Impact on Global Economic System

The Risk and Impact on Global Economic System Variable Interest Entity the risk and the impact on the global economic system. Comparative study.

The Risk and Impact on Global Economic System
The Risk and Impact on Global Economic System

I already in process of publishing an article about this topic after two days, have great resources, for my master. But I will extend to compare with more region, compared with an alike issue such as International tax, special purpose vehicle, and the shareholder agreement in the VIE. I will attach my Article 55 page, cover letter, my incomplete thought about the dissertation, my personal statement. and what is most difficulty I will face for the dissertation?

The Risk and Impact on Global Economic System  Task

  1. Dissertation Proposal and Bibliography

Your dissertation proposal must be written in English and be in the range of 2,500 words (ten double-spaced pages) using a 12-point font with standard margins, with a meaningful working title (please note: we do not consider citations to be included in the total word count). In addition to the ten-page proposal, you must include a two-page bibliography at the end of your proposal (for a total of twelve pages) that lists relevant works that proved significant in the formulation of your thinking about your project.

Your proposal should:

  1. Demonstrate the originality of the research project, taking into account existing work and scholarly directions;
  2. Indicate the importance of the project within your larger field of study;
  3. Indicate the building blocks or units of consideration that you expect to create an organizational and structural control in the development of the dissertation and the methodologies that you expect to employ; and
  4. Acknowledge whatever problems or difficulties you foresee in formulating and completing the project. (Every project has its difficulties, and part of every good scholar’s equipment is a clear awareness of them.)

In sum, the application should convey your current level of mastery and control for an effort that will demand a great deal of time, independent research, and further study.

  1. Personal Statement:

Need to be edited and inconsistent with the Dissertation.

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