The Role of Hopefulness in Nursing Student Success

The Role of Hopefulness in Nursing Student Success Literature Review on the construct of Hopefulness and the role it plays in Nursing Student Success. The following is the assignment directly from the syllabus. I have already developed the instrument and will attach it for your reference.

The Role of Hopefulness in Nursing Student Success
The Role of Hopefulness in Nursing Student Success

For this project, you will develop an instrument (completed during the semester in using drafts and peer review) designed to measure a psychological
construct. Along with the measurement tool, you will write a paper that provides a reasonable review of literature defining the construct of interest and the
measurement process used to both elicit and quantify the attribute or construct. You should also provide a discussion of how you would collect information
regarding the instrument’s reliability and validity. The project will be graded according to these criteria documented in the project rubric.
Papers should be seven to ten pages in length and should include the following information:
Definition of the Construct
Theories associated with construct or trait to be measured

The Role of Hopefulness in Nursing Student Success Review of the literature

Population for which it was intended
Introduction of the Measurement Procedure/Device
Operations to isolate and display the construct
Scaling/Scoring procedures
Quantifying the construct
Planned or established estimates of reliability
What evidence would you or do you provide?"
The only parts that I need are the literature review and a discussion on reliability and validity as it pertains to my construct of hopefulness. I am working
on the other parts of this assignment. My construct is hopefulness. I will attach all of my work that would be helpful to you, including a list of sources.

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