The Salt Men of Tibet Documentary

The Salt Men of Tibet Documentary Please watch the first 30 minutes of the documentary The Salt Men of Tibet (although I encourage you to watch more!) and read the accompanying New York Times review.

The Salt Men of Tibet Documentary
The Salt Men of Tibet Documentary

When you’ve done all of that, please write a multi-paragraph essay no less than 500 words in length in response to the following question:

Who are the subjects of The Salt Men of Tibet? Where do they live and what activities do we see them engaging in? In what ways are they similar and in what ways are they different than the nomadic peoples described in Chapter 3 of your textbook?

Citation is not necessary. Please paraphrase rather than quote. Feel free to read beyond the assignment to get a handle on what you wish to argue, but please confine your essay to a discussion of the film, the NYT review and your textbook.

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