The Soldiers War Essay Paper Available

The Soldiers War
                        The Soldiers War

The Soldiers War

Essay topic: The Soldiers’ War
1. Did the First World War soldiers on the Western Front share a basic experience of the war?
2. Explain the similarities and differences (between the allies and the German forces– including their allies who served with them) on the western front.
3. Look at how these opposing groups of soldiers interpreted their experiences. What was similar or different? Why?
4. Illustrate important points with historical examples and evidence (rather than only citing the authoritative view of a historian).
5. Essay Requirements: All info directly taken from a source, even though re-worded must be footnoted. All direct quotes must be, ?quoted?and footnoted. The essay must be done in Chicago Style. Include a bibliography at the end. No page number on title page. 2500 words?this is a fourth year level essay.
6. This paper needs to be a comparative paper. It must discuss a given topic by comparing the history of that topic for two countries. Comparison implies
discussing similarities and differences. A comparative paper should strive for even coverage of each country, but this is a goal, not an absolute necessity.
This depends upon how much info is in sources for each side.
This paper can also have a transnational approach must consider its given topic in multiple national settings.
7. Mandatory Sources?Please stick to these sources: Note the underlined books and articles were used in class, and would be good to include. Also sources
from the other choices provided by the instructor are listed below.

  • Charles Yale Harrison, Generals Die in Bed (Annick Press, 2002 [1930]) [Course Book]
  • Joe Lunn, Male Identity and Martial Codes of Honor: A Comparison of the War Memoirs of Robert Graves,
  • Ernst Junger, and Kande Kamara, The Journal of
    Military History 69, 3 (July 2015): 713-735 [Library E-Resources]
  • The Canadian Letters and Images Project,
  • Desmond Morton, When Your Number’s Up: The Canadian Soldier in the First World War
  • Antoine Prost, In the Wake of War: les anciens combatant and French Society
  • Richard Holmes, Tommy: The British Soldiers on the Western Front, 1914-1918
  • Robert Graves, Goodbye to All That
  • Ernst Junger, Storm of Steel
  • Donald Fraser. The Journal of Private Fraser, 1914-1918, Canadian Expeditionary Force
  • Winter, Jay. The Legacy of the Great War, Ninety Years On (University of Missouri Press, 2009).

Note: If you can find scholarly sources that are better than what the instructor has suggested, feel free to include them, as long as I can access the
sources from my home computer. The above sources were chosen from the instructor.

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