The Ugly American Book Review Assignment

The Ugly American Book Review Review of William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick’s novel, The Ugly American, please consider the following generic guidelines, and some specific tips for writing a review on this particular book.

The Ugly American Book Review Assignment
The Ugly American Book Review Assignment

Book reviews not only summarize the book, but argue something – at the very least, whether the book was stimulating and well-written. To achieve more than a ‘passing’ mark, consider the utility of the book – who might benefit from reading the book? Did the authors set out with an intended audience in mind? What is their central message? Does the book fall short of your expectations? Should it be shelved, or brought out for contemporary readers? The summary portion should be written in the present tense, for examples: ‘The story takes place in the fictional country of …” and, “The American Ambassador is conveyed as a man with…

The Ugly American Book Review Assignment

For the analysis, when situating the novel in the context of the time, it is permissible to use past tense, for example: “At the time the novel was published, American foreign policy had taken on…”, and “Throughout the 1960s, after the novel was published…”

Maintain a formal writing style. It is implicitly understood that your opinions are being expressed in the review, so please try to avoid the use of first-person pronouns (“I”, “my”, “we”), for example: “the reader is left to ponder whether…”, without resorting to “In my opinion, I think that…”

The book review should convey most simply that you have read the book – all of it – perhaps there are parts of the book that move more quickly than others, and perhaps there are parts of the book in which you found it difficult to continue reading – it is better to express this in your review if necessary, instead of omitting large parts of the book from your review.

The Ugly American Book Review Assignment

Use direct quotations from the book to bolster the points you are making about the book, or to exemplify the authors’ writing style. Quotations should be written verbatim, using quotation marks – and cited appropriately using MLA in which the authors’ surnames and specific page number(s) are put in brackets at the end of the sentence, for example: (Lederer and Burdick, 48). If the quote you are using is four lines or longer, separate the quote from the main body of your paragraph, indent on both sides, use slightly smaller font, and follow with a citation

The review should contain an introductory paragraph, in which the basic information pertaining to the novel should be given – the title of the book, the authors’ names and pertinent information, the year in which the book was published, the general international atmosphere during the time it was published, and its reception. The introductory paragraph should also include, in a nutshell, your argument much like a ‘thesis statement’ that would feature in an essay. Unlike an essay, the evidence in supporting your argument does not have to be retrieved from different sources, as you are focusing on The Ugly American. The book review should have paragraphs – each paragraph should not be too long – and there should be a concluding paragraph

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