The Use of Sports Coaches in Primary Schools

The Use of Sports Coaches in primary School Title: You will write a 2500 critical discussion on the use of sports coaches in primary schools (to deliver sessions/staff development). To support your content you will focus on the funding injection to primary school sport from 2013/2014 up to 2017/18 by the government in England, to illustrate your key points.

The Use of Sports Coaches in Primary Schools
The Use of Sports Coaches in Primary Schools

You should consider the following when preparing your submission:

  • The history of coaching in schools (approx 250 words) – outline new developments and how NGB’s are developing the profession and how this is affected by government policy.

– Use of coaches in primary schools (approx 700 words) – introduce the government in England’s provision for funding of £150million per annum for academic years 2013/14 and 2014/15 to provide additional substantial primary school sport funding.

▪ Present a balanced argument (critically discuss) for the use of coaches in schools (i.e. those in support and those who disagree with the move). This is where you are expected to refer to the literature to strengthen your argument.

▪ Coach education (approx 700 words) – Critically review how the profession has attempted to meet the needs of the youth population through the professional development of the workforce. Do you believe that the current system fully prepares an individual to plan/deliver primary school PE provision? Refer to the AfPE guidelines (i.e. Level 2 coach) here and critically discuss whether a Level 2 coach is ‘qualified’ to deliver in schools. You can refer to primary school teacher training (PE content) to compare how each is prepared.

  • Recommendations for the future (approx 700 words) – you will make key recommendations for both the coach and the primary schools to ensure that best use is made of the coaching expertise and that the young people and schools have a positive experience.

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