Ties That Bind Duties to Family Members by Claudia Mills

Ties That Bind Duties to Family Members by Claudia Mills This must be about The Prince and the Cobbler by John Locke!!!

Ties That Bind Duties to Family Members by Claudia Mills
Ties That Bind Duties to Family Members by Claudia Mills

INSTRUCTIONS. Typed on a separate sheet of paper, write a paragraph in response to each of the following four items (i-iii). Each paragraph should be 4-5 sentences (no more, no less). Read your response paragraphs as your presentation.

(i) THE CLAIM & ITS CONTEXT. What’s a most interesting claim made by the writer in the part of the reading assigned for the day of your Hot Seat? This does not have to be the main claim made by the writer. It can be any claim that you find most interesting. It can be a claim you agree with or a claim you disagree with, or you may not be sure at first whether you think the claim is true. Describe the context of the claim. Why is the writer making it? What purpose does this claim serve in the context of the reading? And why do you find the claim so interesting?

(ii) UNPACKING THE CLAIM. Now go into more depth analyzing the claim. Describe all the key concepts in the claim. Also, be sure to give at least one example to help illustrate what is being claimed. Make the claim as concrete and clear and well-defined as possible, so that your audience understands the nature of the claim and its application. Don’t get into the evaluation of the claim yet. That is the next step.

(iii) OBJECTION & EVALUATION. Articulate what you take to be the best objection to the claim. You can find an objection on your own or in the same reading (if one appears there) or in another reading (if you can find another reading that provides the material for an objection to the claim). An objection is not just stating the opposite of the claim. But, to identify an objection, it helps to adopt the perspective of someone who disagrees with or denies the claim. An objection would be what that person with an opposing view would say to undermine the claim, that is, to show that the claim in question is not true. State the objection and make clear how the objection functions to undermine the claim. Now say whether you believe the claim or its objection is strongest and why.

This constitutes your evaluation of the claim.

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