Time for Concept of Comstat to Change Analysis

Time for Concept of Comstat to Change Analysis Read the article below and write a three-page analysis on what on the concept of COMSTAT and how it has been used and abused, over the years.

Time for Concept of Comstat to Change Analysis
Time for Concept of Comstat to Change Analysis

Your analysis should include your ideas and suggestions on how to improve this organizational performance measurement, or why it should be discontinued and what (if anything) should take it’s place.

Again Note: Please make sure you read the material given and base the paper off the material given. Make sure the pages are fully complete grammar is correct, and work is cited (give the owner credit.) Also, one source is always good for the paper.

Time for Concept of Comstat to Change Analysis

If we are to promote more thoughtful and evidence-based policing, then Compstat has to change.

The Compstat-type crime management meeting has its origins in Bill Brattonís need to extract greater accountability from NYPD precinct commanders in late 1990s New York.

It was definitely innovative for policing at the time, and instigated many initiatives that are hugely beneficial to modern policing (such as the growth of crime mapping).

And arguably it has been successful in promoting greater reflexivity from middle managers; however these days the flaws are increasingly apparent.

Over my years of watching Compstat-type meetings in a number of departments, Iíve observed everyone settle into their Compstat role relatively comfortably. Well almost.

The mid-level local area commander who has to field questions is often a little uneasy, but these days few careers are destroyed in Compstat. A little preparation, some confidence, and a handful of quick statistics or case details to bullshit through the tough parts will all see a shrewd commander escape unscathed.

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