Tradition History and Transmission History

Tradition History and Transmission History Academic scholars of the Bible use various methods to help them make sense of it.

Tradition History and Transmission History
Tradition History and Transmission History

On pages xi-xii of your Carr & Conway text there are fifteen specific references to these methods (see below). I suggest that you also use the index at the back of the book to find examples elsewhere of how to employ these methods. In the NOAB text, at the back, there are essays including one on ìContemporary Methods in Biblical Study that could also be very helpful.

Tradition History and Transmission History

  1. Textual Criticism 8
  2. Tradition History and Transmission History 39
  3. Poetic Analysis 68
  4. Source Criticism 77
  5. The Joseph Story and Literary Approaches 90
  6. Postcolonial Criticism 130
  7. (Study of) intertextuality 161
  8. Insights from History of Religions 173
  9. Form Criticism and Genre 200
  10. Form Criticism in the New Testament 228
  11. Narrative Criticism of the Gospels 275
  12. Redaction Criticism 293
  13. Social-Scientific Approaches to the

New Testament           315

  1. Feminist Criticism and Gender Criticism 333
  2. Cultural Criticism of the Bible 354

Tradition History and Transmission History

Read carefully all of them and choose the THREE that YOU can argue make the most important OR the most effective OR the most valuable contributions to biblical exegesis (critical explanation or interpretation of a text). This requires an argument, so you need to decide what is or are the most important, effective or valuable things to know as a SCHOLAR and which three methods provide this better than the others. It is entirely your choice to make. There is no specific ìcorrect answerî ó only well-argued answers.

Typically, your introductory paragraph will explain briefly this ìessential thing or thingsî to know and why and then in a single thesis statement argue it. For example ìA, B and C are the best scholarly methods for demonstrating D (insert your essential item[s]) because Öî This will be followed by three separate paragraphs proving what you say in your thesis statement is valid. Each paragraph will introduce and DEFINE one of your three methods and provide BIBLICAL EXAMPLES of how it proves your contention. A final, fifth paragraph, will simply and briefly summarize your conclusion which is your thesis statement already given in the introductory paragraph.

Tradition History and Transmission History Examples

Your examples must come from these Bible readings only:

Genesis 1:1 – 3:24

Genesis 11:26 -25:10

Exodus 1:1 – 12:51

2 Samuel 7:16;

2 Samuel 9:1 -20:25

1 Kings 1:1 – 2:46

1 Kings 8:12-53 (Speech & Prayer of Solomon)

Acts 8:1-3; 9:1-31;15:1-16:5

I Thessalonians

Galatians, chapter 1:13-2:14

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