Trends and developments in modular residential and commercial construction.

It would be beneficial if the trends of modular residential and commercial is tailored to australian construction.
i have uploaded what i have so far so we can avoid repetition.
Current Implementations of Modularization (this is what my teacher wants, so if you could get around 12-15 pages for these two topics apart from what i got,
it will be great)
• Residential
• Commercial
for remaining pages, (if possible plz try to cover the below sub topics – all towards australian construction)
Current users of Modular Construction
Levels of usage of Modularization within the construction industry
Sectors with Opportunity for Modularization
Influence Factors of Modularization
Factors driving currents users
Factors restricting current non users
Potential factors for scope of future users
Current Life Span of Modular Buildings

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