Trevor Noah in the memoir born a Crime

Trevor Noah in the memoir born a Crime The Assignment: *Discuss the idea(s) developed by Trevor Noah in the memoir Born a Crime about the interplay between time and opportunity when an individual seeks to create a meaningful life.*

Trevor Noah in the memoir born a Crime
Trevor Noah in the memoir born a Crime

In your planning and writing, consider the following instructions. – Carefully consider your controlling idea and how you will create a strong unifying effect in your response. – As you develop your ideas, support them with appropriate, relevant, and meaningful examples from the literary text. INITIAL PLANNING: Relevant definitions: (Be very clear on your understanding of how you will be using the word time.) Focal character: (Choose either Trevor Noah or Patricia Noah as your focus for this essay.) Controlling idea: (Write a cause and effect thesis and organize around IHCF or CCCC.) Supporting evidence: (Focus on one chapter; alternatively you could use one chapter/body para.) The most important questions you can ask yourself when planning an essay are “how” and “why.” For example, in considering this assignment, you could ask yourself questions such as: – How are time and opportunity different? – How does time impact your opportunities? – How do your opportunities impact your experience of time? – How do we control our lives when we lack control over time and opportunity? –

Trevor Noah in the memoir born a Crime

How do time and opportunity relate to creating a meaningful life? – Why might a lack of time or opportunity affect our ability to create meaningful lives? – Why do some people have more control over time or opportunity than others? – Why can some create meaningful lives in spite of time or opportunity and others cannot? – Why do we seek meaningful lives? – How or why would someone argue their life is meaningful? When considering the rubric… Thought and Understanding: – You are assessed for your T&U of BOTH the text and the topic so use the introduction and conclusion to show you fully understand all aspects of the topic. What unique perspective can you bring to this essay where 55 of you will be writing on the same text and topic? Supporting Evidence: – At this stage of your high school career, you should be able to seamlessly integrate your selected quote into your writing. What is the single most important line you need to incorporate from the text? Form and Structure: –

Trevor Noah in the memoir born a Crime

Consider how you move between points both between paragraphs and within each paragraph. HOW COOL WOULD IT BE IF YOU STRUCTURED YOUR ESSAY THE SAME WAY TREVOR NOAH STRUCTURES HIS WRITING?? Matters of Choice: – Find a way to incorporate the language we have learned in this course (literary or contextual). Can you demonstrate that you can synthesize the information from our class into your own writing? Matters of Correctness: – I challenge you to use just one semicolon in your writing at the best possible moment. How can you show you know more than just basic spelling and grammar? 0 online sources. But get examples/ quotes off the book Trevor Noah (THAT’S WHAT THE TEACHER GAVE US. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK)

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