Types and Statistical Crises in US Schools

Types and Statistical Crises in US Schools Question Guide:

Types and Statistical Crises in US Schools
Types and Statistical Crises in US Schools

The paper should include the following:

-What type of crises can occur in school? (Describe each)

-US school crime statistics / school violence incidents

-Characteristics / psychological symptoms & behaviors of juvenile offender

-How to screen for the potential offender?

-How should a crisis worker act? / School crisis response

-Intervention / Prevention programs

-Other considerations in the management of patients affected by a school crisis (including but not limited to management of behaviors, family considerations, challenges in the care of patients affected by a crisis in schools.

Examine evidence-based practice guidelines/research, nursing theories that support the identification of clinical problems, implementation of nursing skills in the care of adults with addiction.

The group project research paper must have a minimum of 2000 words / 4 pages single spaced (Times New Roman, Size 12), and 5 references about that topic (4 of them must be research articles). The criteria exposed in your paperwork must be exclusively based on the peer-reviewed article, and I will be very fussy in confirming the reliability of your statements. A formal paper using APA format according to the Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.)

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