Understanding of the impact of trauma on individuals

Understanding of the impact of trauma on individuals
Understanding of the impact of trauma on individuals

Understanding of the impact of trauma on individuals

Responses should focus on how the week’s readings inform the student’s understanding of the impact of trauma on individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Students are expected to complete the readings prior to participating in the discussion board and to write a coherent paragraph (estimated 4-7 sentences total). Do NOT write a summary of the articles! Students may write in first or third person and are encouraged to reference the articles in their post by referring to the authors.

Students must clearly demonstrate understanding of the readings, self-reflection of personal reactions to the readings, awareness of how the readings relate to each other, and contextualize the readings with other course material, lectures, and assignments. The posts must be thoughtful, articulate, concise, and relevant to the week’s topic. Student’s writing must be professional (language, tone, quality, depth) and free from grammatical errors

After reading the assigned article(s)for this week, each student will post their comments within the discussion board. Discussion board posts should be specific regarding the student’s thoughts and feelings about how this impact individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities, based on the readings.

The posts should be thoughtful, clear and professional. Students must clearly demonstrate self-insight, awareness,and professionalism in her/his writing.

Please address the following content areas during your discussions:
Introduction and overview of the specific topic.
Your thoughts on how this topic impacts individuals, families, groups,  organizations and communities.

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