Universal standard or code of conduct

Universal standard or code of conduct
 Universal standard or code of conduct

Universal standard or code of conduct


1. Identify the profession you work in or aspire to work in, and explain why this field or occupation should or should not be viewed as a “profession”. 50 pts.
(Use this same profession to answer the questions below. If your field is NOT a profession, see my “Taco Bell clerk” explanation below.)

2. Does this profession/field have a universal standard or code of conduct? Is there more than one code? Is there a certifying agency or governing body that can discipline you for an ethical violation? As a professional in this field, where would you look to seek ethical guidance or advice if you faced a problem? 50 pts.

3. Suppose a person violates an ethical code. How are ethics in this field enforced? Is there a regulator/prosecutor/enforcer? A system of due process, court system or hearing process? Explain the process whether formal or informal. 50 pts.

4. What is your relationship with the public in this profession? Are you bound by any particular duties of care or confidentiality? Do you have duties that extend beyond your client to include public safety or environmental safety? Explain. 50 pts.

5. Other than the dilemma in question six (6) below, identify at least two ethical dilemmas/issues/protocols a professional in this field may experience or confront at some point during their career. Explain how to avoid the pitfalls or deal with the issues. 50 pts.

6. Your supervisor, boss, powerful client, OR governing authority (whatever is most applicable) orders, hires OR instructs (whatever applies) you to do something that you believe MIGHT be unethical (you’re not sure). Do you blindly follow the order/instructions? Suppose you check the code/rules and find the code/rule ITSELF to be unethical? Explain how you might deal with these problems. 50 pts.

You have six pages total to write your answer: 1 title page, 4 pages for the body, and 1 page for notes/references. The paper should follow the general format explained in the syllabus (the one we’ve been using over the six week term). Your answer should be supported by materials in the text, readings, and other sources you deem relevant or necessary.

As you should expect at this point, I probably did not give you enough space to answer all these questions. You are going to have to select the things you believe to be most important, and try to get the “most bang for your buck” (as the saying goes). Try to at least answer the core of each question prior to expanding your answer with support and details. You can’t hang branches unless you have a trunk and you cannot hang leaves without the branches. Try to organize your thoughts and back up your opinions and conclusions using authority.

If you are planning to be a clerk at Taco Bell after you graduate, that’s okay. I would suggest, however, that you not use that as your primary example for this final exam. Go ahead and use Taco Bell, but move your focus to a professional level, like business executive for Taco Bell Corporate. You can mingle in relationships with customers at the level of clerk, but I expect you to be able to utilize material that will make the questions above relevant. Contact me if you have any specific questions.

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