Urban Traffic Congestion in a City

Urban Traffic Congestion in a City Assessment Brief:
With reference to recent research, evaluate the potential solutions to the problem of urban traffic congestion in a city of your choice.

Urban Traffic Congestion in a City
Urban Traffic Congestion in a City

Provide a report of 1,500 words in total for the city’s leaders, making recommendations on potential solutions to the urban traffic congestion problem.
Your report should provide significant evidence of research through reference to published sources, demonstrating analysis/critical appraisal of your findings, leading to appropriate recommendations. This should be professionally presented, incorporating illustrations and referenced examples where appropriate.
A developer is considering purchasing a piece of development land to build a speculative open plan office block. Using the information in the table below, calculate the residual land value that the developer would be willing to bid for the site.
Word count equivalent: approximately 500
Gross Floor Area:  12,500 m²
Net Lettable Area:  10,625 m²
Rental Income p.a.:  £264/m²
Purchaser’s Costs:  £2,000,000
Building Costs (Including external works and professional fees):
Developer’s required contingency:  3% of cost of construction, external works and fees.
Other costs and fees:  £735,000
Marketing and sales costs:  £128,000
Investor’s gross yield:  7%
Loan interest rate:  5.25% p.a.
Developer’s required profit:  20% on costs
Developer’s site acquisition costs:  £830,000
Site acquisition to building start:  3 months
Construction period:  9 months
Rental void:  3 months
(25 Marks)

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