US Intelligence Community and Democracy

US Intelligence Community and Democracy Address one of the discussion topics below: Consider the structure and functions of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

US Intelligence Community and Democracy
US Intelligence Community and Democracy

Comment on its effectiveness and suggest ways in which it might be improved. Discuss a key finding from the Church Committee investigations and how you might improve the Intelligence Community as a result. Discuss how media disclosures have impacted (or will impact) intelligence operations as well as whether citizens in a democracy have a “need to know” this information? Type: Individual Essay Format: All Margins one-inch Format: Double Spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font Format: Left-aligned or full-aligned text Length: 5 full to 7 pages. Deductions will occur for papers outside of this requirement Due: Sunday at the end of Lesson 4 before 2100 hrs. Central Time. Please have a cover and reference page for this assignment that includes: The Title (should include the main idea of the paper, not just a generic name such as “Research Paper” or “Paper 1”), Course name and Number, Instructor’s Name, Your Name, and Date. Ensure your name appears in the name of the file, e.g., Smith_ISSA3320_Midterm.doc. Resources: You must cite a minimum of three different references in your essay, either from course materials or additional references (Wikipedia, blogs, and similar sources are NOT acceptable as sources). Any material to include, but not limited to, course readings and discussions. Adhere to bibliographic and citation guidelines. Use Grammarly, it’s free and can save your grade. Citations and Reference must use the proper format outlined in your Chicago Manual: Like a quote of more than four lines or 40 words. Like all in-line parenthetical citations and reference list. Double-check all citations and references, making sure that they are properly formatted and that anything that is cited in the text of your paper has a properly styled reference in the reference list and vice-versa. Note: Avoid the use of “I”, “we” “he” or “our” – opt instead to use terms such as “the author.” Your research paper is about a topic and IS NOT ABOUT YOU or your unsupported opinion. Writing the paper in the “third person” shows that you have taken a step back from the material and are writing objectively. Complete instructions and guidance on bibliographic and citation guidelines should adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style 16th or 17th Edition.

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