US is Psychological not a Sociological Nation

US is Psychological not a Sociological Nation 1) Nick Reding quotes Douglas Constance arguing that “the United States is ‘psychological, not a sociological nation.’” What does Douglas mean by this statement? How does Reding use this statement as a main theme in the book?
2) Reding argues that he finds a similarity between the consolidation of the pharmaceutical companies and the DTOs (Drug Trafficking Organizations).

US is Psychological not a Sociological Nation
Drug Trafficking Organizations

First off, what is Reding’s argument for this point or how does he develop this connection? Do you agree with his analysis or does it strike you as possible or improbable?
3) Who is Larry Murphy and what part does he play in the story of Olewin and Meth?
4) In “The Inland Empire, Part Two,” how does Reding weave together meth, immigration, and the food industry? What does this add to the overall story of the meth epidemic?
5) Choose a significant passage or theme not alluded to in the above questions. State why you choose this passage or theme, and then develop its significance.
Note: Please answer each questions above Do Not include the questions when answering.
Required textbooks: Methland Nick Reding

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