US Marine Veteran Who Fought In the Pacific

US Marine Veteran Who Fought In the Pacific For this week’s forum, I will be paying the role of a US Marine veteran who fought in the Pacific. The war is finally over.

US Marine Veteran Who Fought In the Pacific
US Marine Veteran Who Fought In the Pacific

You would not believe the tragedy and death I saw on the Mariana Islands, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. I can tell you right now as a man who fought these relentless people that they would never surrender no matter what. They would rather die and take as many of us Americans with them. As we stood by for a possible invasion towards the mainland I could only imagine the death that would occur. Not only my brothers in arms but the innocent civilians that lived on the island that would soon be dead. If it wasn’t for our Commander and Chief I might not be here today. The decision to drop the atomic bomb ended this war and brought the Japanese to the table. As they saw the power and destruction that the United States can bring to the table with just one bomb. I remember talking to my friends who were pilots who gave not only Imperial Japan a warning but the people as well. I believe it was called the “Potsdam Declaration and Leaflets”. My friends who were pilots dropped these leaflets across 35 cities warning them that their cities could be a target and should evacuate. I know there wasn’t a mention of the use of an atomic bomb but should we really tell the enemy what we have in advance so they can plan a counter attack. I was in full support of using the A-bomb it not only saved my life but hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions of innocent Japanese civilians. I don’t believe anyone can change my mind as I saw firsthand the barbaric acts by the Japanese and know firsthand these people would not surrender. The only outcome was death in their eyes and if they didn’t it would be a dishonor to their country. Sources: “The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb: Arguments in Support.” History. July 06, 2018. Accessed December 11, 2018. R/S

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