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VARK Learning Styles
             VARK Learning Styles

VARK Learning Styles

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VARK Learning Styles

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTION: Address the following:

One question trainers often ask is, “How can I accommodate different learning styles in a class?”

1. Recommend the best solution to this question, using properly cited sources to support your answer.

By taking this course, you are currently engaged in an online learning environment. Based on your VARK learning style and your background in higher education (some of you have learned in both traditional and online environments, whereas some have only studied online), address to the following:

2. Do you think that the online learning environment is best suited to a particular learning style?

3. Why do think so?

My learning style is Read/write




There are various styles of learning that are applicable in a classroom setting. It is often recommended that an instructor should combine a number of teaching methods as opposed to just going with one. This helps to make the instructions clearer while at the same time accommodating all students. There various styles of learning each of which fit a specific group of learners. The most appropriate style or combination of styles of learning is dependent on a number of factors including the needs of the learners (LeFever, 2011). The combination of reading and writing has proven to be one of the most effective styles of learning. It helps to emphasize on all the aspects of learning. Reading and writing helps to encompass all the crucial aspects for learners to grasp the instructions.

Reading on one hand helps to keep the learner’s mind alert. Alertness of the mind helps to increase retention of the information. This ensures that the learner does not only understand the instructions but also s able to remember the instructions later. Writing on the other hand is a form of emphasis. As the learner writes, they tend to repeat and emphasize that which they have read. This emphasis is crucial for retention and recalling which is what learning is about. A learner must remember what they learn and be able to apply it.

Online Learning Environment

Online learning has become very common in recent years with the advent of technology.  It is one of the styles of learning which must be combined with their styles to become effective. This style of learning must be incorporated with book learning. It is not sufficient that students should rely just on what is sent to them via the online platform. The danger of relying on this form of learning solely is that student will not make extra effort of reading extra materials. This will make their learning very limited. Online learning must therefore be combined with book reading so as to expand on knowledge.

Why So?

While in school, students just want to go through the system and get done. It is not very much their concern whether they actually leaner what they ought to. This means that whenever students find shortcuts, they often go for them (Reid, 2010). Having an online platform without incorporating any other style of learning will give students an easy way out which they will often prefer. The risk is that the effort of the student will not be put into action.

In a learning process, a student should not just wait for instructors to give them all the materials. An instructor is supposed to be a guide for the students who then must go beyond and look for further information. Students must therefore be encouraged to read widely and consult various reading materials. The information provided on the online platform must therefore not be fully comprehensive. There should be gaps which students will be required to fill by reading the actual text. It is only in so doing that the culture of reading will be emphasized. Further this combination of learning styles ensures that students do not just read to pass exams. Instead, they read to gain knowledge which should be the primary goal. Combination of learning styles is certainly the best way to enhance leaning and accommodate all learners.


LeFever, M. (2011). Learning styles. New York: Prentice Hall.

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