Victims of Boston Bombing and Las Vegas Shooting

Victims of Boston Bombing and Las Vegas Shooting
Victims of Boston Bombing and Las Vegas Shooting

Victims of Boston Bombing and Las Vegas Shooting

Topic: Victims of Boston Bombing and Las Vegas Shooting

CRITICAL MEDIA ANALYSIS: This assignment requires students to select an issue of relevance to the course material, and to critically review a minimum of five mainstream media articles (print or on-line) reflecting different perspectives or interpretations of the issue. Students should apply the concepts and readings discussed and assigned in class and critically analyze how the media could improve the information or perspectives presented.

The paper should begin with an overview of the issue, but please note that there is an important distinction between an article summary and a critical analysis ñ simply submitting an article summary does not meet the assignment requirements. Assignments that are simply summaries will not pass the assignment. The report should be approximately 8-10 pages double spaced in length. This paper is an academic submission and must therefore be properly referenced using APA style. Copies of the source articles that are you critically analyzing should be included in the submission. This assignment is worth 100 points.


Each CRITICAL MEDIA ANALYSIS must be typed, using Times New Roman 12-point font, and must be at least 8-10 pages, double-spaced. Your Critical Media Analysis must be analytical in nature. A simple summary will not be acceptable for this analysis.

First, choose an issue and describe it. Include a discussion of the specific aspects of the issue you have chosen that had the most profound or significant impact on you. Discuss the research/material presented in class about your issue. How, specifically, are you impacted by this issue? What made this issue particularly interesting or enlightening to you? For example, what is the significance of this issue to your life? Will an enhanced understanding help you in your work, in your research, in your personal life, or in your studies as a criminal justice student?

The next step, after identifying this is to relate the issue to outside media sources and course content. What does the media suggest about this issue? If applicable, does the media representation conflict with your understanding of this issue? When discussing your articles make sure to include a discussion of the following:

  1. Who is the author?
  2. What is the purpose of the message? How does the media present a point-of-view about the issue?
  3. Can the point-of-view be tested or measured?
  4. What information or points-of-view may be missing from this message?

Finally, can you add to the reading, or provide materials that may enhance your fellow class members’ understanding of the issue?

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