Visiting a Buddhist Temple Essay Paper

Visiting a Buddhist Temple
Visiting a Buddhist Temple

Visiting a Buddhist Temple

Topic 3 – Visit and observe a Southeast Asian Religious Center/Site

If you choose the third topic, you will be visiting and observing a Southeast Asian religious site

in Southern California. Orange County and LA County have many temples, wats, churches, mosques, ashrams, etc. that have been founded by Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees.

The professor will provide you with a partial list of possible sites that you could choose to visit for this assignment.

In addition to describing the physical properties of the site, you need to discuss the people that you observe and the activities/behaviors they engage in at the religious center while you are there. Please plan to spend at least one hour at the site you visit (more time is better).

Please include a word count on your ethnography.  1500 word minimum. Your paper should be well organized, clearly written, and incorporate proper grammar and spelling as appropriate to any university level paper.

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