Watch the Movie the Founder I Ray Kroc

Watch the Movie the Founder I Ray Kroc 1. What can you say about the personal characteristics of Ray Kroc? List a few (at least 3) of the characteristics in bullet points and for each of them, briefly support your observation with evidence in a sentence or two.

Watch the Movie the Founder I Ray Kroc
Watch the Movie the Founder I Ray Kroc

2. Reflect on the prior business experience of Ray Kroc. List at least two things that strike as out of the ordinary.
3. What stands out in terms of the earliest business model of McDonald’s as devised by the brothers who founded the company? [3-5 sentences ]?
4. What was the shift in the business model that helped Ray Kroc and his team to earn more revenue and scale faster? [3-5 sentences]
5. Go to the Wikipedia page on Ray Kroc and do some preliminary biographical research on his life story. What surprised you the most in terms of how he/his story as an entrepreneur was portrayed in the movie (Give top 3, 2-3 sentences each)? For additional research, please check the following link after watching the movie:
6. If you met Ray Kroc what would be one question you would ask him? (2 sentences)
Definitely, include a reference section to cite your sources. This section is not counted for page limit.

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