What is the Main Problem of Rural Microfinance in China?

What is the Main Problem of Rural Microfinance in China?
What is the Main Problem of Rural                              Microfinance in China?

What is the Main Problem of Rural Microfinance in China?

1.first of all, I need an simple plan for this dissertation, which I need hand in to my tutor.
2.the other material will be attached in the following, I hope you could read carefully.
2.Criteria Supervisor comments: areas for improvement

Introduction – does this satisfactorily explain what the journal article is about and does it indicate why the particular topic was chosen?
Yes, in general, research idea is justified, however, a couple of references missing. You could spend a bit more discussion on comparative part of the

Research Questions – are they clear, focused and feasible, do they meet the objectives of the overall issue? Do they demonstrate understanding of the issues?
I think you could make few changes in your research questions. Question one should explore what formal micro finance is available in China, question two
investigate the existence of informal microfinance, then question three could assess other approaches.

Critical Literature Review(3000 words) – is there evidence of appropriate selection and critical evaluation of reading from a suitable range of resources, are the concepts and ideas sufficiently understood? Has an initial conceptual framework been attempted? Have relevant models been included and applied correctly and? Is it referenced appropriately in the Harvard style? Literature review is presented as a laundry list, rather than critical and synthetic way.

Research Design and choice of relevant secondary/primary data – are the approach, methods and choice of data feasible?
This section is not very clear about whether only secondary source or both secondary and primary source of information is used. If only secondary sources are adopted, what they are?

Limitations – has awareness of any limitations to the research and research methods been demonstrated? Is it clear which ethics form will need to be
completed (has it already been correctly completed)?

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